15 Nov
Day 249 - Light Trails

- 365 Days of Happiness and Truth - Day 249:

Light Trails 

Happiness: One in tune with time. 

Truth: And now in the falling Autumn leaves I see God’s beauty in the weathering shades of crushed crimson, muted gold, burnt umber and vintage yellow. They are in transformation… The tree remains rooted though denuded. And so do we. The momentary trail of leaves draws us to follow where change has brought us. In war or peace, God is with us. In planting or uprooting, God has purpose. In weeping or laughing, God reveals His love. In embracing or refraining, God steadies our faith. In keeping or throwing away, God sculpts our character. Seasons of faith must have pruning, nurturing and then blossoming. Where will His Trail of Autumn Leaves lead you this year? 

- Billie Cash

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