An adventurer at heart. I like to stay curious about the world. Starting young, a Southern California native, I took road trips with my grandparents to follow the Chicago Cubs, spent spring trainings in Seattle watching the Mariners, and had summers in Michigan. After graduating High School, I made my first international hop, attending NYFA’s six week film workshop in Paris, France. This would begin my 20+ country adventure over the years, ignite my love for culture, and help me gain understanding that we all can relate.

Growing up with a radial club hand had its challenges. Learning to love others despite how cruel we can be is not easy. Questioning purposes and realities of life came naturally to me but it wasn’t until my early 20’s that those questions became serious. What is life? Where do we come from? Why does it exist? How do we find joy? And Who created it (if anyone)? I was a person who knew a little about a lot of things, a walking agnostic, who set out to get some answers.

Along the way of life my love of art, poetry, music, and movies flourished right along with me. Creating four short films of my own, I landed a career in the entertainment industry, making movies and television for some of the biggest companies, with some of the biggest names. I’ve enjoyed that aspect of life and am extremely grateful to contribute in the ways I do, but my career of choice is a student and author.

I went back to school during my quest for truth at the age of 30, earning thus far a Master in Apologetics and Philosophy along with a Master in Counseling Psychology. It has been extremely fascinating to study the Creator and createe at the same time. Exploring worldviews at large, foundational truths, and ideas of humanity. The rationale behind claims and the war over truth. However, I admit that I am still a novice in the grand scheme of things, excited to continue learning a lot about one thing. This thing we call life.

As an author I’ve complied 4 books, inclusive of an early years poetry book, followed by a proper coffee table book, then 2 documentary style narratives about the developing life of a Christian. In my writings I like to showcase the struggles, questions, challenges, and adventure of walking with God, how answer is available to everyone, and how life is beautiful when we walk mindfully in it.

Currently I am continuing my work in the entertainment field, producing adventure shows for the like hearted while exploring avenues of art myself. Showcasing my photography to galleries, developing more structured writing, and learning how to distribute it all, are just a few things I'm working on. I’m also expanding my studies to include a Master of Divinity along with a Doctorate in Psychology, while continuing to explore this giant neighborhood of a world.

I hope this little corner can be part of the bigger Kingdom we’re living in. That it can be a place for you to feel understood and relate. A place where we can recognize together the gorgeous gift of life is not always an easy ride, but it is one heck of a view that can be loads of fun. Want to come?