15 Nov
The Barley Harvest - Month 3

It has been a good while since I updated this journey because in reality I've been pretty speechless. The past few months have been rather busy for me with school full time, work full time, and counseling 6 clients a week. With school and counseling being wrapped up this past week, I'm left with just 3 more weeks of work and already the Lord is showing me how this new found time can be put to good use. There's training to be done both spiritually and physically for this upcoming journey but honestly I haven't quite put it into good use yet. 

Sure I've taken a couple hikes. I've also began practicing yoga again and even attempted to quit smoking (some days are better than others). I've spent time in the Scriptures and have been talking to God intermediately about all that lies ahead but the Spirit spoke to me on Monday night as I read through the story of Ruth. While I've read this story before, something different touched my heart this time. After Boaz shows Ruth just a little kindness in the harvesting fields, she falls at his feet and warmly thanks him. At mealtime Boaz told Ruth to help herself to some food where she ate until she was full and even had more left over that she could take home to her mother in law. At the end of the day Boaz had arranged for Ruth continue working in fields until the barley harvest was over and even had his young men drop some barley for her on purpose. Not only did Ruth finish in the fields through the barley harvest but she stayed in the fields of Boaz right through the summer wheat harvests as well. Sometime later, Ruth was instructed by her mother in law Naomi to go to Boaz while he was sleeping and wait at his feet until he woke up to give her instruction, which he did, and he eventually married her after another series of events. 

What drew my attention in this story is the kindness Boaz showed (you'll have to read it to get the full effect). I was also struck by the submission and desire of Ruth. She wanted to please Boaz. She was willing to do anything he told her and his response was to take care of her above all else. I saw Christ in this story. His willingness to give me everything. His desire to take care of me, to make sure I am well fed, and have ample left over to share with others. I longed that night to be like Ruth. To come in submission at Jesus' feet and just lay there waiting until He told me what He wanted me to do. I echo the words of Ruth and direct them towards my Lord. Father, what have I done to deserve such kindness? I am only a foreigner.

April was a hard month for me and if I am being truthful I'm still struggling. Attacks have been wildly present in the ways of my preparation for this trip. Fundraising is not the easiest and I have seen the enemy use celebrations to discourage me. I've felt motivation be muted and desire be dampened. I've heard whispers of lies and allowed them to sway my comforts in Christ. However, the shouts of my King bring me back. The desire of submission still persists in the depths of my heart and the longing to take the Good News of Jesus to the ends of the earth still remains my motivation. Let His comfort reign supremely in the challenges of my surroundings. Let His Truth be unswayed by the whispers in darkness. Oh Lord let me stay focused and thankful in regards to Your kindness because the love You shower me with is unmatched. You are the reason for life my love, You are my hope. I pray this time You have given me is put to good use and that the necessary preparations are done in good spirits. May the Lord, God of all Creation, whose wings I have come to take shelter under, reward me fully in what I am longing to do. 

Until next time my friends, may the Lord of peace Himself continually grant you peace in every circumstance. The Lord be with you all! (2 Thessalonians 3:16)

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