08 Jun

     The idea of selling out can have a positive or negative association. You can sell out an arena or out of your hottest commodity. We applaud these things, congratulating individuals for reaching the masses. Selling out can sure be a triumphant thing until you become that sellout.

     Google the words sell out and two definitions appear, literally side by side if you are on a desktop, from different sources posing different ideas. One from Oxford languages is defined as 1. The selling of an entire stock of something, especially tickets for an entertainment or sports event. 2. A sale of a business or company. The parallel definition displayed by Wikipedia reads “Selling out”, or “sold out” in the past tense, is a common expression for the compromising of a person’s integrity, morality, authenticity, or principles in exchange for personal gain, such as money. This would include the dreaded 90’s term, you sell out! 

     The definition by Wikipedia is put forth in past tense, but what if we were living as a sell out in the present tense? Would we constantly be compromising our integrity, morality, authenticity, or principles in exchange for personal gain? Or, in looking again at both definitions and both associations, the term sell out, appears to influence the masses. So, could it be then, that the ways we’re individually sold out and what we’re individually selling out to influence the masses on a grander scale then we know? 

     Think about it, what are you passionate about? What makes your heartbeat faster and your smile last? Are there beautiful sunrises you can remember or an experience with clouds that were so fluffy and close? Has there ever been good food that comatosed you or fresh juice that revived you? Are there moments of unbelievability where you witnessed kindness in a manner that you yourself would hesitate to give, or been encouraged by a moment where the world just seemed right? We talk about these things. We share them with others and influence conversation by what we’ve seen, heard and tasted, participating in a joyful engagement for all parties. 

     However, some antonyms for passionate are frigid, uncaring, cold, or indifferent and it seems that if we talk about the things we aren’t passionate about, we can still influence the conversation. But in what manner? Would it be in ways that make others feel frigid or indifferent? In ways that seem uncaring or cold? Now it’s true, we could just be talking about events of our life. How the food arrived cold or how the overpriced juice came out wrong. How the experience wasn’t enjoyed or the weather was miserable. We can share how we’re witness to so many tragedies and so much unawareness, that we’re discouraged by the questioning of if there really is any good in this world? But those utterings do indeed influence conversation and it's probably not enjoyed by any party. 

     Any one of those situations can have a positive or negative association. Much like the words “sell out” we began this journey with and the question of presently living as a sellout. If the term sell out can be a cause of celebration or a way of compromise, it appears we have a choice. What are we selling out to? Are we selling out to the everyday annoyances or interruptions of life, or are we celebrating the adventure we have very little control over (if any)? Yes, there are responsibilities, demands and complications. That should be no surprise. But we shouldn’t be swayed away from remembering and celebrating the goodness of what already has been and the hope of what’s to come. More sunsets, clouds, food, juice, kindness, encouragement, and assurance that there is good. 

     I’d like to redefine the past tense offering Wikipedia gave of “selling out”, or “sold out” to include one of using our integrity, morality, authenticity, or principles in exchange to benefit the masses. Instead of the earlier defined way of compromising a person’s integrity, morality, authenticity, or principles in exchange for personal gain. If the idea of selling out can have a positive or negative association, our choice of what we sell out to or what we’re selling can also have a positive or negative association. 

     I found something from a workshop I had the honor of attending earlier this year. Six months ago, I was asked: 

Who are you?

Where are you? 

What do you want? 

My answers surprised me and ultimately remain the same. I am a child of God. A curious adventurer. I am in transition and discovery. Is everything I want too much? I want to live purposely helping others to feel seen, valued and special. 

     I’ve been wondering lately about division in a sellout. If we sell out we are relinquishing the entire stock of something or the business as a whole. Sure there may be different seats in that arena, varying points on the stock, or many offices inside the building, but the exchange is it’s all. We may have different experiences, different views, and different ways of sharing, but we’re all sold out to something or Someone. Some idea or ambition. Some place or activity. Some belief or experience. Something positive or negative, passionate or unpassionate. There are different seats inside our own arenas, varying investments of our stock, and many rooms in our building that more than likely need some care but the whole of us, our entirety, cannot be divided in living as a sellout. And again, we’re all sell outs. 

     The three individual questions above have the ability to answer what we’re sold out to. Scripture says, taste and see that the Lord is good. Jesus says, come to Me... take My yoke upon you and learn from Me. Though I can relate to the words of my dear friend, “I’ve been wrong before, I’ve been getting notice lately. I’m a like a dog with rabies, why do I stop for maybes,” I am certain that I want to be sold out for Jesus, selling everything He has to offer. Is that always the easiest choice? Track record says different. Is it always the best choice? Track record confirms. I still have rooms to clean, investments to make, and seats to fill, but may my entirety and passion, may my choices and influence, always be sold out to the One who holds it all, His Word, and the work that He is doing. As the trending 90’s band Reel Big Fish would state, “sell out with me tonight!” Taste and see, go and learn, make the choice. Become that sellout and never stop selling for the masses to benefit in His triumph. Hallelujah, amen!

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