14 Feb

     It’s been about a month since travel has settled down and I moved back into my home. It’s been double the time since my last entry which described excitements of adventure and big ideas for the future. I’ve made plans for my life like never before, filled my spirit with conceivable dreams, and started off to the races with more than one pony in the game. 

     This kickstarting entry was followed by a decent amount of travel still left on the calendar, providing challenge, surprise, amazement, perspective, and confirmation. My eyes were widened to the potential of goodness masked with hurtful lies and the power of words that create default character perception, despite any pure intended action. That being said, my eyes also grew in seeing what it looks like to be faithful, passionate, and purposeful. I was witness to, and participated in, grand displays of glory right along with intimate encounters too divine to transcribe. With stories exchanged and created, this new year began in the most refreshing way. Regardless of heartbreaking realizations, heartwarming realities have created opportunity to pray, and the choice of joy has remained mildly motivated. 

     Each way on a cross country drive showed me different aspects of kingdom living with moments individually tailored for remembrance and growth. People including myself uttered curiosities of possibility being deeply moved by astounding interactions which followed the opening or our hearts. There’s no doubt that I’ve engaged in more visible and immediate miracles/healings since my last entry, and that’s a hallelujah moment because it’s on the list I have for desires of life. 

     I rounded out all my travel in attendance to a vision workshop, which created brainstorming sessions with some very notable figures. It reinforced courage on the lookout for opportunity and emphasized production no matter how small because it’s never insignificant. Though I had a good time with roughly 2 dozen people, I left the place unsure of what to take away. I didn’t set an intention going in and leaving made me feel as if I was still missing something. On my way out a personalized message of keep going was printed next to my name which somehow felt impersonal. Perceived as misleadingly generic, this message also seemed to correlate with everything I’d been clearing out and searching for over the past 3 months. While it’s not quite what I would have wanted, I’m choosing to see the excitement in it instead of the frustration in saying how do we get there. 

     I have to look at everything that’s happened in the past two months and decide to see the progress because it can feel very minimal. I can think of my list for life and how it has produced no advancement or really reflect and see how multiple items are in progress. Like the different aspects of kingdom living I saw throughout my travel, I am living different aspect of kingdom production. Some things turn out in unbelievable ways, some not like you thought, some take long to bloom and others spring up like wild shoots. The constantly main one I’m trying to be joyfully content in these days is the progressive wait. 

     Sad to say, I have to wait for most of these never before plans to reach the finish line, but I would like to stay stimulated in the race, encouraging each pony along its way. However, there’s a problem with so many ponies in the race. In nurturing, they all want to run until they realize the long distances in front of them. They cross paths and bump into each other, creating more of a lull than a breeze, changing the front runner at every turn. Fortunately, the confusion of stride allows us to adjust our blinkers and recalibrate our pace. Though I get down on myself for the days where I haven’t accomplished as much as I’ve wanted to (or should have) and put attention into areas that only produce waste, I’m trying to limit off track field trips in order to keep the game in view. The practice of training can be tiredly daunting and the requirements of the game time consumingly strict. The run may not always be as riveting or exciting as some yard lines are and I tend to get distracted with doubting possibilities, but building the stamina is sure to produce winning results. 

     Where we’re exactly going and how we’re going to get there is still unfolding. The track is still under construction as heavy, muddy, and going parts of the path continue to direct the way. Which ponies will gain traction and which ones (if any) will fall behind are still part of the race. Some may retire and new contenders are sure to join but festivities will remain the same as they all run for the glory of His kingdom. May we not forget to take inventory of unnoticed progress to motivate our conditions. Make sure our focus is on the Prize and then giddyap y’all, there’s victory to be had.

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