15 Nov
Deciding to Grow - Month 1

After a lot of preparation, essays, and interviews, the World Race called in late August of 2018 to congratulate me on my acceptance of traveling to 11 Countries in 11 months to share the Good News of Christ while meeting beautiful people and seeing extraordinary lands. What a blessing! Though I was extremely excited and beyond humbled for this adventure of a lifetime, my joy was quickly disrupted by questions that stemmed from fear, apprehension, and selfish concern. What was I giving up to embark on this remarkable journey? Was this experience too good to be true?

I took some time to gather my thoughts and asked every question I could possibly think of. I researched past travelers, leaders of the organization, and asked God to close any door that I was trying to walk through in personal gain. I asked Him to highlight any area of concern that would be against His will. Though some of the information I found shook my introverted personality and other information challenged my personal comforts, the ending answer to all of my questions was always GO! Nonetheless, I persisted in looking for reasons to turn down this unbelievable opportunity. I kept waiting for the moment that I'd decide to say no.

While it may seem crazy to pass on such a wonderful occurrence (especially in light of the things I would be seeing and doing), leaving your home and everyone you know is not easy to do. The reoccurring thought that I'd be missing out on so much by being away isn't entirely false and trying to imagine my life surrounded by strangers with very limited (to non existent) alone time is exceedingly nerve shaking. I don't think you can efficiently prepare yourself for something so foreign and it's strange to imagine what a life on the road, with only the things you can carry, will be like. However, with all my apprehensions and all my concerns, I continually hear Him calling me into this season of growth as He reminds me that this journey is a gift and an answer to prayer.

As I try and let my excitement return I thank God for His promises that are replacing my fears. I thank Christ for the assurance that He's with us until the end of the ages and I am humbled once again by Holy Spirit reminding me to go to all nations for the declaration of His kingdom. So here I am, saying yes to this opportunity and making it public. I'm counting down the quickly passing months until August when all this newness begins and preparing myself as best I can for all the miraculous adventure that lies ahead.

May the grace and peace of our Lord be with us all. May we rejoice as we step out in faith for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven and stay grateful for His leading wherever it takes us. 

With His joyful love,

All hallelujah's, amen!

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