15 Nov
Day 273 - Leaving Waves

- 365 Days of Happiness and Truth - Day 273:

Leaving Waves 

Happiness: Living out the good in which your heart desires. 

Truth: The wave was way out at sea, and had not yet crashed with it’s greatest impact, but was building in strength. This wave was different than a natural tsunami. This wave was going to leave healing, salvation and restoration in its wake, not destruction. Throughout Scripture and church history, God has sent waves of His Spirit to move His kingdom forward in the earth. The day of Pentecost in Acts 2 was the first initial mighty wave of the Spirit. The book of acts records multiple more waves of the Spirit as God poured out His love and power upon the growing group of disciples. These waves empowered the believers to walk in more love and more power as they preached the message of salvation through Jesus. 

- Tom Camacho

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