15 Nov
Day 280 - Rotating Scale

- 365 Days of Happiness and Truth - Day 280:

Rotating Scale 

Happiness: Making use of something unwanted. 

Truth: At the root, we are all basically insecure. We try to derive inspiration by looking at others. We establish our own rating scale, with ourselves at the center. We rate others less than ourselves (giving into our pride), or we rate others better than ourselves (bringing on discouragement). Instead of looking at what God said we should be, we look at everyone else. Of course, we can always find those with more education, talent, attractiveness, or ability. The problem is, God created each of us uniquely. To compare ourselves with others is to compare us to something designed for a different purpose. Our faith will diminish if we insist on looking around rather than looking up toward God. 

- Dr. S. Craig Bishop

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