16 Nov
Day 83 - Colorful Surprise

- 365 Days of Happiness and Truth - Day 83:

Colorful Surprise 

Happiness: The little ways that say big things. 

Truth: Sometimes, of course, God does come down that way; the waters part, the graves open, the healing comes, the reconciliation no one thought possible rises from the wreckage of betrayal. Sometimes God comes down that big. But, other times, God doesn’t. Sometimes, God comes down small, in a face or a voice, a word or a touch; God’s presence, embodied in someone who is helpless to make things better, but not powerless to make things bearable.

Even if all of God never comes down in one big moment of power and glory, some of God always comes down in every small moment of kindness and care; the caregiving card found in the mail, the welcome meal left at the door, the visit in the nursing home, the waiting together in the hospital, the Boarding Homes bag, the Angel Tree gift, the note, the call, the flower, the cake; in a thousand small gestures and gifts, God comes down. 

- Chuck Poole

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